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Elastic Flooring
Measurement: 250*250*15mm
Weight: 175g/pc(±5g)
Lifetime: 10-15 Years
Materials: Modified PP
Certificates: CE/ROHS/SGS
Product Detail
1.Professional: Elastic Cushions design for perfect shock absorption. 2.Safety Guard: Against wind or movement. 3.Safe Friction: Safe textured surface treatment.   4.Environmental Protection: 100% recyclable material and odorless. 5.Long Service Life: 10 years. 6.Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive. 7.Maintenance: Free maintenance. 8.All Weather: No special weather be required. 9.Tepreture: -40℃-80℃. 10.Multi-purpose and colorful appearance.
Safe and high quality material meets all the basic index of  professional kindergarten, ensuring the children growing
with safety and happiness. We design reasonable
patternand frosted surface to realize excellent anti-slip
performance. With supporting legs on the back, it rapidly
and evenlydecomposes the surface pressure. Multi point
holdings make the ground firm and anti-slipping.
Product Structure
provide better protection.

Chamfered edges and corners

Large touch design
360°no sharp edges design effectively prevents skidding and reduce injuries

Textures Treatment Surface

Improve the slip resistance performance greatly.

On the backside reduce surface stress

help to avoid side slipping and displacement.   2 mm extension joints ensure no bulging, no cracking.

Elastic Cushions
Recommended Applications
This softer tile is designed for kindergarten or some courts like volleyball, badminton or futsal, which need comfortable, safe, anti-slip flooring. Professional elastic cushions and soft modified PP material will meet all these needs.
football court
tennis court
volleyball court
badminton court
multi-purpose court
Develop superior sports flooring so that people are more willing to exercise on it.