Elastic Double-Tier

Measurement 300*300*15.8mm
Weight 315 (±5g)
Lifetime 10-15 Years
Materials Modified PP
Certificates CE/ROHS/SGS
Product Detail

Elastic Double-tier tile has Strong Cross Shaped Double-tier Surface, which is firmer

enough to bear even the weight of a car. Cross shaped back supporting system rapidly and evenly decomposes the surface load. The innovative patent of elastic cushions

realize excellent shock absorption and perfect rebound of a ball. Frameless structure

realizes seamless interlocking and brings better stability. Fast drainage design on the

back makes the courts recovered to use immediately after rain. Dries and Drains

Quickly. Easy to deal with lateral lag caused by running, scramming and hot-swelling.

Elastic Double-tier

Key Benefits

>Professional Elastic Cushions for Rebounding

>Strong Cross Shaped Double-tier Surface

>Adjustable Lock System

>Exceptional Durability

>Excellent All-weather Traction

>Easy to Maintain

>Custom logos and graphics available

>Portable or permanent

Recommended Applications



> Volleyball



>Multi-Sport Game Court

>Attractive Appearance



consists of 145 sets of ribs, the structure is
Strengthening System
Cold Shrinking System

Consists of 8 sets of elastic sheets and lateral post;Prevent the court from cracks caused by  temperature reduction.

Supporting System
45 backside columns for  high-intensity  exercise.
Extend Locks
Making flooring tiles lock tightly.

Thermal Expansion System

Patent design, 4 group resilience arms & elastic cushions;

Prevent the court from bulging caused
by the rise in temperature

Strengthening System

50 pieces of elastic cushion on each tile bottom.

The design inspiration comes from NBA basketball       court structure, which gives player an excellent ball       bounce rate as well as a better anti- slip performance.
Develop superior sports flooring so that people are more willing to exercise on it.
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