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Elastic Knight
Measurement: 250*250*14.5mm
Weight: 200g/pc(±10g)
Lifetime: 10-15 Years
Materials: Modified PP
Certificates: CE/ROHS/SGS
Product Detail
1.Professional: Elastic Cushions design for perfect shock absorption. 2.Safety Guard: Against wind or movement. 3.Top Friction: Reasonable pattern and frosted surface.   4.Environmental Protection: 100% recyclable material and odorless. 5.Long Service Life: 10 years. 6.Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive. 7.Maintenance: Free maintenance. 8.All Weather: No special weather be required. 9.Tepreture: -40℃-80℃. 10.Multi-purpose and colorful appearance.


Elastic Pro tile is designed and developed for professional outdoor sport court applications. The innovative patent of elastic cushions realize excellent shock absorption and     perfect rebound of a ball. Upgrated Safety Guard tools     help the tile grasp the ground firmly against strong wind and movement.

Product Structure

100 groups of reinforced ribs provide better    load ability, weak the vertical deformation.

Strengthening System
Anti-slip Bamboo Joins

576 Bamboo joints make the surface area larger, and have better anti-slip


1 set of second-generation fixer & expansion    bolts & screws. Make the court be windproof,      anti-theft, and anti-displacement.
Safety System
Thermal Expansion system
it consists of 6 sets of resilience arms & elastic pillars. Prevent the court from bulging caused by the rise in temperature.
Cold Shrinking System
Consists of 8 sets of elastic sheets and  lateral post to prevent cracks caused by temperature drop.
New anti-bulging and anti-cracking design

Elastic cushions and 2mm extension joints ensure no bulging, no cracking.

Recommended Applications
With the professional elastic cushions, this tile will be more comfortable for sport on it. Basketball court, backyard court, tennis court, futsal court, volleyball court, multi-use court and other sports court.
basketball court
football court
tennis court
volleyball court
badminton court
multi-purpose court
Develop superior sports flooring so that people are more willing to exercise on it.