Intelligent Creation of Sports Flooring
ZSFloor has an independent R&D team to improve our technology and design. We spare much effort to create more practical, more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective  and safer suspended flooring. We got many structural designs and applications patents. We are on the way to be top quality sports flooring supplier to all over the world because we have a firm goal to develop superior sports flooring so that people will be more willing to exercise on it.
Three Core Technologies from ZSFloor
——  ——

NO.1  Energy Absorbing Lock

Innovated energy absorbing lock with arch buffer
and elastic screens design guarantees no bulging
and fracturing by expansion and contraction
caused by temperature or lateral tension.
NO.2   Safety Guard against Movement
Upgrated Safety Guard tools help the tile grasp
the ground firmly against strong
wind and movement.
NO.3   Professional Elastic Cushions
The innovative inspirit of the backside elastic cushions comes
from the wooden court keel, which provides excellent shock
absorptions performance.